December 30, 2019

7 Unexpected and Thrilling Fishing Gifts for All Skill Levels

fishing gifts

If you have a fisherman in the family, then you know just how difficult it can sometimes be to find him or her the perfect fishing gifts. If you’re not too big into fishing yourself, this task becomes even more difficult. There are so many different fishing items that a fisherman needs.

However, if you don’t join your fisherman on his or her fishing trips, then you most likely aren’t too sure of what they do and don’t already have. The last thing you want to do is gift them with something that he or she already has, or something that he or she will never use. Instead, gift him or her with a fishing gift that any fisherman would love no matter his or her skill level.

Although you might feel tempted to walk into any old bait shop or sporting goods store and pick up whatever random fishing items you can find, don’t fall into the temptation. Continue reading below for our guide on several different fishing gift items that your fisherman is guaranteed to love no matter his or her skill level or type of fisherman.

1. Fishing Storage Bag

No matter what type of fishing your loved one does or how skilled he or she is at it, a fishing storage bag always comes in handy. Every fisherman has a variety of tools and supplies needed to get through their fishing trip without a struggle. With that being said, your fisherman will need a place to keep all of his or her equipment.

This includes fake fishing lures, hooks, fishing line, and so much more! The bag you choose should be made from durable waterproof material. It should also come with enough storage space to hold everything without trouble.

Organization is another key component as fishermen tend to have so many different fishing knick-knacks that they end up getting lost.

2. Subscription to the Mystery Tackle Box

The Mystery Tackle Box is a monthly tackle subscription that sends its recipient’s surprise items each month. Now, you might be thinking that this won’t work for your fisherman as he or she only fishes for a specific species. However, this subscription works by allowing the fisherman to customize the tackle box.

Your fisherman will put in what kind of fishing he or she does and what kind of fish he or she fishes for. Then, the Mystery Tackle Box will send surprise items to your fisherman based on this information. Aside from these cool surprises of top-brand products, your fisherman will also receive fishing magazines, contests, and awesome decals and stickers!

3. Sun Protection Fishing Shirts

If your fisherman is out on the water for hours at a time, then sunscreen is a must. A sun protection fishing shirt is another must-have item. The perfect fishing shirt is something that dries easily, is cool with long sleeves, and protects the skin from harmful sun rays.

You can find fishing shirts in just about any bait and tackle shop or sporting good store. However, pay close attention to the details. You want to find something that has sun protection.

Shirts that do offer this must-have feature will display it on the tag.

4. Waterproof Phone Case

When you spend a lot of your free time out on the water, it’s essential that you have a waterproof phone case. Your fisherman most likely goes out of contact for hours on end while spending the day fishing. This is because he or she doesn’t want to risk the chances of ruining his or her phone in the water.

But being able to contact your loved one while their out fishing is vital. And he or she would probably enjoy being able to take some awesome pictures when possible. To make this a reality, gift them with a waterproof phone case that allows for easy touch screen function while in the case.

You should also look for a case that allows clear pictures to be taken while in the case as well. This way, your fisherman can use the phone for emergency reasons and for taking pictures without having to remove it from its safe case.

6. Microfiber Bait Towel

Let’s face it, bait is slimy and a bit stinky. Although your fisherman most likely doesn’t mind the slime or smell, having a microfiber bait towel nearby always comes in handy. This towel can clip onto the boat for easy hand-wiping access.

Having this towel nearby allows your fisherman to wipe his or hands off after handling bait. He or she can then quickly handle tools and other items without worrying about them slipping out of his or her hands. It’s an awesome gift that he or she might not even know they need until he or she has one.

7. De-Fishing Soap

De-fishing soap is an excellent gift for not only your favorite fisherman but for anyone living with him or her as well. De-fishing soap is an easy way to eliminate all fishing odors and slime from your fisherman’s hands. It also works great on removing fish odors from fishing knives, cutting boards, and so on.

Your fisherman will no longer be forced to smell like a fish for the rest of the day!

Which Fishing Gifts Will You Be Purchasing This Year?

There are so many different fishing gifts that any fisherman would love to receive. Which fishing gifts will you give to your fisherman this year? Selecting one of the items above is the best way to make your fisherman happy!

And when it’s time to switch from items to experiences, be sure to book a trip on one of our fishing charters today! This is an awesome gift that you can let him or her experience with friends or experience with you if you’d like to join!

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