Shark Fishing Galveston TX

What the day looks like for you

The Shark fishing Galveston trip is one of the best in all of Galveston. The trip is all-inclusive, as we provide the fuel for the boat, all bait, tackle, rod and reels, bottled water for your thirst. Captain and a Mate will ensure to make sure your trip is awesome.

The Shark Hunt trip is an action-packed adventure as we target ONLY big Sharks. This is a pure adrenaline flowing experience. We travel from the marina out into the Gulf of Mexico from the beachfront looking for shrimp boats up to 30 miles out around oil platforms and underwater wrecks and reefs hunting for these beasts of the ocean.

You will fish aboard our finest, Federally Permitted 26’ Stamas, 38′ Blackfin “Instagator” or our 46’ Bertram Sportfishing Yacht “Wave Dancer 2”. The Shark Hunt trip leaves the dock at 6:00 AM and will return around 12:00 PM.


How long is our Shark Fishing Galveston Trip?: The Shark Hunt Trip is a 6-hour adventure.

Where are we going to be fishing sharks?: 15-30 Miles Offshore.

When can I book my Shark Fishing Galveston Trip?: May through August, possibly September.

Can I bring some friends and family?: You may bring up to 6 people.


Enjoy our 6 Hour Shark Hunting trip on the 26’ Stamas. A $200 deposit is required to book your trip.

Our Other 6-Hour Trip

Kingfish Trip

We have another 6-hour trip like our amazing Shark Hunt Trip, Kingfish Trip, that is packed full of hard fighting, reel screaming action! Here is a quick summary:

We will go from the marina out into the Gulf of Mexico 15-30 miles looking for a portion of the greatest, meanest, speediest swimming fish in the sea. The Kingfish trip is all-inclusive. We provide the fuel to the boat, all bait, tackle, pole, reels, and filtered water for your thirst. The Captain and a Mate guarantee to make your trek a great experience. We will clean the fish and bundle them back on the dock.

The King Mackerel (Kingfish) trip is stuffed brimming with energy as you will get one of the speediest, hardest, battling sport fish in the sea. This comes alongside with Spanish Mackerel, Cobia (Ling) and possibly a Dorado or two (Mahi Mahi).

Join the best Galveston fishing charter and you will fish aboard one of our finest, Federally Permitted 33-foot Stamas boats. The Kingfish trip leaves the dock at 7:00 AM and will return around 1:00 PM.

Make sure to check out our Galveston fishing charters details!

All trips require a $200 deposit. If you know what trip you want to take click here to book now!