May 15, 2019

A Bonding Experience: Top 5 Reasons To Book A Fishing Charter Trip

book a fishing charter trip

With more than 33 million sportspersons out catching, trapping, and hunting, there is no shortage of people who love to fish. Whether for sport or for food, choosing to book a fishing charter trip is sure to bring people together. You can book them for a birthday, bachelor, or even just an annual family party but no matter what, you’re sure to make memories.

Here are five reasons to book a fishing charter trip today.

1. Connect With Family

The most obvious reason to book a charter is to spend time with the people you care about. Whether you want to connect with kids, siblings, parents, or even just friends who you miss, there’s a lot of family time to be had. A charter trip offers a memorable experience for everyone.

Connecting with your family is hard but since there’s so much downtime afforded while fishing, you can have the long and fun conversations you usually can’t. The time and space afforded by fishing are like nothing else.

If you used to fish with family members, a chartered trip is like an exciting grown-up version of the good old days. If you’ve never fished before, then you both have a lot to learn and to get from the experience.

An adventure on the high seas brings people together. There’s something relaxing and liberating about being away from the stress you experience on land. Even just being disconnected from your phones for a few hours might be well worth the experience.

2. No Need For Equipment

For city-dwelling families without a lot of space to store sports equipment, having fishing gear around might not be worth the cost of the space. For novices, it might be hard to catch up with all the latest gear and to make sure that you have exactly what you need for a chartered fishing trip. This isn’t quite the same as sitting by the side of a pond with a bell attached to your line.

When you book a spot on a chartered fishing trip, you get the chance to handle the best equipment in the business. Companies that you book a trip with have some of the most robust and top-notch equipment that money can buy and it’s usually accessible to the people who book with them.

Rather than spending time and money tracking down the gear and making sure that everyone in your party has all the right stuff, put it in the hands of the experts. Let the company that you book your trip with handle the details and you focus on the big picture stuff, like where you’ll go out for dinner the night after.

3. Let Someone Else Handle The Details

The details of a fishing trip are quite a hassle for anyone who hasn’t booked a major fishing trip before. There are permits and licenses to make sure that you have, municipal offices to call, and even fees to pay. That’s not what got you excited about this bonding trip you’re about to take with your friends and family.

When you book a trip with a company that handles all of the details, you can worry about arranging the things that matter to you. Spending your precious planning hours being bogged down in the details and legal mumbo jumbo of staying above board shouldn’t be your worry.

Getting everyone together, choosing the right trip for you all, and then meeting your various lodging and dining needs is enough drama. Let us handle all the details of getting you where you need to go. It’s what we’re here for.

4. Go on a Unique Adventure

There are so many potential adventures to go on and different vessels to choose from that it might be hard to choose from. One of the reasons to book a charter fishing trip is because of the opportunities you won’t get anywhere else.

Have you ever wanted to go deep sea fishing? With an 8-hour trip on the 42-foot Hatteras “Wave Dancer”, you can head out dozens of miles offshore to catch the fish that are out during the season. While it depends on the time of year, there is a lot of potential for making some pretty interesting catches.

If you’ve never tried fishing via pull lures, trolling, or bottom fishing, you’ll get the chance to get trained by experts. If the weather is right, you can go out over surface rigs, grass lines, and even underwater wrecks. There’s so much fun potential and lots of comforts to be had during your eight hours out on the water.

5. Choose a Specific Fish

If you’ve ever wanted to go out catching sharks, booking a chartered trip is the way to do it. There’s no way you won’t end up making some unforgettable memories while you’re out catching some of the most exciting fish in the sea.

Some people are even more excited to go out and catch Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, or a couple of Dorado. This type of trip fills the heart of the most dedicated fishers and can ensure that newbies get something new out of it. Since you can take a few people with you on most of these trips, it’s well worth the expenditure for the exciting opportunities that it offers.

Book a Fishing Charter Trip Today

When you choose to book a fishing charter trip, you’re choosing an experience that will bring people in your family together. You can give new members of the family a chance to get to know one another or help show older family members how much you love spending time with them. Whatever your reason is, it’s a great way to bond.

Before you head out to the high seas, check out our guide for what you should consider bringing along.

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