June 6, 2017

Come fish with us. We know the best Galveston Fishing Spots!

Galveston Fishing Spots

Summer has arrived and the Galveston fishing charters has never been better. Red Snapper fishing season opened June 1st and runs through July 19th for a 49 day season this year, and we know just the Galveston Fishing Spots to catch them! The Red Snapper stock is rebounding and continues to improve every year. The average Red Snapper that is being caught is now an average of 18lb-20lb. They are a strong, hard fighting, fun fish to catch and taste amazingly good anyway they are prepared. We still have a few dates available to come catch some fresh red snapper on our Galveston charter boats.

Are You Brave Enough to go Shark Fishing Galveston, Texas?

Shark fishing Galveston, Texas is in full swing through the end of summer and one of the most sought-after fish in the ocean to have on the end of your pole. Our 6-hour Shark fishing trips are full of adrenaline, pumping action, and are sure to please anglers of all ages.

The Battle of the King Fish!

King fishing or King Mackerel fishing is also in full swing through around the first of September. The Kingfish stock is growing quickly and the Gulf Fisheries Management Council raised the limit this year from 2 fish per person to 3. We are excited about the new limit and have been catching full limits already on every trip out. Our 6-hour kingfish trip is one of the most fun trips that we offer. Kingfish swim 40-50 mph and when they bite your hook, the battle is on. They can be on one side of the boat and then the other in just seconds. Kingfish are also very delicious either fried or on the grill.

Looking for Other Galveston Attractions After Fishing?

Lots of Galveston attractions, sights to see, and activities to do after going on a Galveston fishing charters with us. So, book your fishing trip, bring the family, come out and fish with us and stay a few days to take in everything we have to offer kids and adults on Galveston Island, TX.

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