September 12, 2023

September Signals the Start of the Running of the Bulls—Bull Redfish That Is!

From about mid-September through November is the best time of year when it comes to catching bull redfish. This is when they are on the move, heading from the bay to the offshore waters to spawn. It is absolutely one of the most fun times of the year to fish the waters of the Gulf of Mexico out of Galveston, TX, and catch these incredible fish.

Don’t know a lot about bull redfish and/or booking a fun fishing trip? Check out the information below to learn more about bull redfish, other fish you can catch in Galveston, TX, what other fun things there are to do in the area, and why you’ll want to book Wave Dancer Charters for your upcoming fishing trip…

What is a Bull Redfish?

If you haven’t heard of a bull redfish before you may be wondering just what it is and why you’ll want to catch one. Essentially, a bull redfish is an adult redfish that is larger than 27 inches. So, a bull redfish is a mature redfish that is larger, harder to catch, and a lot more fun to reel in!

What Other Fish Can I Catch?

Some other fish you can catch the same season as bull redfish include:

  • Mackerel 
  • Younger redfish
  • Mahi-mahi
  • Trout 
  • Southern Flounder 
  • Sheepshead 

At Wave Dancer Charters, we know all of the best places to catch the most delicious and fun fish. We ensure you catch the most fish possible, while also providing a fishing trip your family, friends, and you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Visiting Galveston

There are a ton of fun activities to enjoy in Galveston, and it is the perfect place to visit for a family vacation, some time with a spouse, or a friendly outing. September through November are quite beautiful months in Galveston, with the weather still being hot in September and cooling off a bit in November. Don’t worry, though! You won’t need snowshoes or anything; it’ll still be nice out! 

When you visit Galveston, make sure you check out the wonderful seafood restaurants! Some great restaurants in the area you’ll want to check out include Katie’s Seafood House, Vargas Cut and Catch, Black Pearl Oyster Bar, and Miller’s Seawall Grill. 

Wave Dancer Charters can also provide a “Catch and Cook,” experience, where we clean the fillets for you after you catch them, and you then take your fish to a nearby restaurant for them to prepare it for you! 

As part of your vacation, check out Moody Gardens. It is fun for the whole family! They have a rainforest pyramid, rope courses, a museum, an aquarium, an IMAX theater, and more. Galveston also has a massive waterpark next door to Moody Gardens called Shclitterbahn Galveston, which is a great way to cool off from the September heat.

Book Your Trip with Wave Dancer Charters

Whether you are looking to catch some bull redfish or simply have a great time out on the water, make sure you book your trip with Wave Dancer Charters today! 

At Wave Dancer Charters, we offer an all-inclusive experience. We provide you with not only a boat with a fantastic captain, but also baits/lures, rods and reels, tackle, ice for the fish, and water for when you get parched during the warm months. Once we get back to the dock, we’ll help to clean the outstanding bull redfish and other fish you caught and prep them for your trip home. 

Our captains know all the top spots and what to look for when catching bull redfish and other outstanding fish. All you have to worry about is showing up on time, and bringing your family, Texas Saltwater Fish License (day pass is okay), and all of your essentials for the day (sunscreen, food, camera, seasickness medication, etc.). If you would like a full list of what you should bring, let us know. If you want to bring beer that’s fine. Just make sure it is of the canned variety. 

Make sure you book your trip with Wave Dancer Charters today!

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