February 17, 2022

Take Your Spring Break Offshore This Year

You might still be digging out of knee-deep snow in your part of the country, but down here on Galveston Island, warm weather is already here. Actually, it never really left. Even though this is one of the best times to visit Galveston, there simply isn’t a bad time. 

But we understand why our friends to the north see our area as a paradise of sorts: After all, they might be bundling up for sub-freezing temperatures at home before arriving here to be greeted by temps in the 60-to70-degree range. And the Texas bluebonnets popping up all over the state can make anyone forget about Old Man Winter!

With spring break just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to gather up the family and make Galveston Island your fun-filled destination. It’s one of the most delightful cities on the Texas coast, with plenty of things to do to suit the tastes of each family member:

  • Galveston’s rich history offers several historic attractions 
  • You can find gifts at the local shops and boutiques 
  • A day at Pleasure Pier will appeal to the kids 
  • Relaxing on the beach will help mom and dad unwind 
  • There are excellent restaurants to satisfy your craving for fresh fish

But if you’re looking for fresh fish and something the entire family can get into, look no further than a charter fishing excursion. Spring break and fishing go together like cookies and milk, or better yet, beer and pizza!

The weather is perfect, and the fish are biting. And with a captain who has over thirty years’ experience fishing the Gulf waters and Galveston Bay, how could you not have a thrilling and productive experience? Don’t miss out. Book a family fishing trip for spring break. Here’s what’s on the menu:


Also known as bay snapper, the sheepshead has a sweet taste with a slight shellfish flavor. It is an omnivore, feeding mostly on shellfish, fiddler crabs, clams, barnacles, and mollusks, and its varied diet makes for delicious and nutritious eating. 

After it’s cooked, the sheepshead’s meat becomes flaky with a soft feel. Its moisture and oil content gives its flesh a compact and firm texture compared to some drier, flakier fish species. The oily content also adds to the fish’s pleasing flavor.

Although you can catch sheepshead throughout the year in many Gulf Coast areas, the hottest fishing is in March and April when they congregate to spawn.

Black Drum Catch

Black drum

The black drum looks a lot like the sheepshead to the untrained eye, and they live in the same waters and feed on the same crustaceans to confuse things even more. But when they’re side by side, almost anyone can see the difference.

Black drums have a mild flavor, with some people comparing it to red snapper. It has a firm but flaky flesh that works well for frying or baking. The smaller black drums provide smoother meat, while the largest have rougher skin. Black drums between 14” and 24” are reportedly the best to keep. 


Redfish, or red drum, is yet another popular Texas game fish because of its willingness to fight for extended amounts of time and its mild, sweet flavor with firm meat that flakes into large, moist chunks. As a relative of the black drum, it’s not surprising that redfish have a similar taste.  

Redfish eat crabs, shrimp, small baitfish, and mullets. In the winter, when food becomes scarce, they turn to mud minnows and other bottom-dwelling creatures. In the waters off Galveston Island, redfish can reach 45 inches or longer and weigh as much as 55 pounds.

Don’t miss out on all the spring break fun!

Talk to one of the licensed captains at Wave Dancer Charters, and make the most of your spring break. March is an ideal time to catch some fish—there’s nothing quite like the challenge of a redfish putting up a good fight—and spend a day on the water and under the warm sun. 

Take your spring break offshore this year. You won’t be disappointed! Contact the experts at Wave Dancer Charters, and have an exciting start to your spring!

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