August 20, 2020

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Do you live and breathe fishing, or are you a first-timer looking for a new hobby? Do you prefer an entire day of deep-sea fishing or a shorter adventure? You’re in the right place. Whatever Galveston fishing experience you’re looking for, Wave Dancer Charters has the perfect trip for you. Out of all the fishing charters in Texas, Wave Dancer has over 30 years of experience, was the best charter in Galveston for three years straight, and has affordable prices with all gear provided.

Let’s talk about some of Wave Dancer’s amazing chartered fishing options.

Half-Day Jetty 

Bring the whole family along on this shorter, offshore adventure just fifteen minutes from the dock. With four and six-hour options, a wide variety of fish, and cleaning and packaging included, this is an excellent choice for families or those looking for an introduction to chartered fishing in Texas.

Some of the fish you might run into include Shark, Redfish, Snapper, Trout, and Drum. Trips leave at 6:30 am and 1:00 pm, so whether you want to fish with the sunrise or have a relaxing afternoon at sea, the expert crew members can tailor this half-day trip to your needs.

Another perk of the jetty charter: for those with seasickness, this water is usually much calmer than a deep-sea excursion. Remember that for any jetty trips, you’ll also need a special Red Drum tag on your fishing license!

Kingfish Offshore

Looking for a challenge? The Kingfish is one of the biggest, meanest sport fish in the ocean. In a six-hour chase, you’ll hunt for the King Mackerel on one of Wave Dancer’s finest boats.

These federally permitted offshore boats let you fish in federal waters, so you can rest easy knowing Wave Dancer has your safety and best interests in mind by obtaining all necessary permits.

Weighing up to 50lbs, this fish can make for an impressive trophy or tasty meal. While they can be difficult to catch on your own, knowledgeable deckhands and captains will teach you the proper trolling and baiting techniques to score this big fish.

Shark Hunt Offshore

Find some of the best chartered fishing near Galveston during this six-hour shark hunt. What makes Wave Dancer’s shark trip stand out is that they only catch BIG sharks, so you’re sure to enjoy an adrenaline-packed experience.

Seek out shrimp boats and oil rigs thirty miles offshore to catch these predators. The season runs from May to around August so jump on a boat before it’s over!

For a beautiful fiberglass trophy of your catch, Wave Dancer will commission an exact replica of your prize through International Fishing Mounts.


For a comprehensive taste of deep-sea fishing, take this eight-hour journey up to forty miles offshore.

Take off at 6 am to search for Mackerel, Dorado (Mahi Mahi), and more. The crew will help you utilize a range of fishing styles such as trolling, jigging, and live baiting while exploring reefs and underwater wrecks.

Since this is a longer expedition, you’ll want to bring your own snacks, lunch, and cooler. If this is your first time deep sea fishing then make sure and check out this article on what to expect.

Finally, after a long day on the water, Wave Dancer has you covered with a private dock and swing as they clean your catch.

Red Snapper

In 2016, Wave Dancer boats landed more Red Snapper than any other boats on the Texas coast. It’s safe to say you’re learning from the best on this ten-hour charter for catching one of the ocean’s most sought after fish.

This trip will have you bottom dropping for snapper, a notoriously hard fish to catch,  beside award-winning captains with the newest rods and reels. Along the way, you’ll also find plenty of other species like Barracuda and Grouper.

Be sure to remember your Texas fishing license to ensure a smooth onboarding process as these are required for all Wave Dancer trips.

As Red Snapper is only available to catch for about two months out of the year (June-July), you’ll definitely want to book your Red Snapper charter well in advance.

Blue Water

If you’re looking for an epic deep sea expedition like no other fishing charters in Texas, then you’ve come to the right place.

Climb aboard for an action-packed, twelve-hour journey up to eighty miles off the coast where you’ll experience the full range of different fishing styles.

As you hunt for fish ranging from Tuna to Shark, you’ll be provided with plenty of cool water, bait, and lifelong memories. Plus, you’ll be in the capable hands of fishing experts like Captain Greg Ball who you can read more about here.

Large Group Charters

While many charters only allow for a handful per boat, Wave Dancer also caters to larger groups with its multiple boat option. They also offer custom trips for events like bachelorette parties and birthdays.

The Best Fishing Charters in Texas

With a knowledgeable and friendly crew, a trip for every skill level, and only the best equipment provided, Wave Dancer Charters will make your fishing experience a fun-filled adventure.

While fishing can be an intimidating experience, Wave Dancer will ensure your trip runs smoothly and you leave with a fishy souvenir to take home.

As with all Wave Dancer trips, there is a six-person group limit per boat with charters starting around $450. Book your trip now for an incredible fishing charter experience!

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