December 6, 2019

Fishing 365 Days a Year: Your Complete Guide to Texas Fishing Seasons

The fishing season in Texas is year-round! One of the best spots in the state for a good catch is Galveston.

Here is a guide on Galveston, Texas fishing from January to December.

Early Months of Texas Fishing

In the first few months of the year in Galveston, you can catch some reds and specks off the pier. Remember, it will be chilly and possibly windy so dress for the weather to enjoy your day fishing.

Spring Fishing

As the water starts to warm in Spring, you will continue to see reds and specks. You will also find cobia, pompano, Jack Crevalle, flounder, and mackerel.

Summer-Fall Fishing

From the early days of summer all the way towards the end of fall in Galveston, you might encounter bull, hammerhead and blacktip sharks, gafftop catfish, speckled trout, red, and black drum, flounder, Pompano, cobia, sand trout, Spanish Mackerel, and Rays.

If you want a great day of fishing, head to the piers. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, head to the pier in the early morning or later in the evening.

In fact, night fishing can yield bull redfish, flounder, and specks.

Where to Go for the Best Fishing in Texas

Galveston fishing is famous across the country. It’s a great destination for hard-core sportfishing as well as relaxed family fishing trips.

There are various spots to choose from for a good day of fishing. Here are some of the most popular sites.

Galveston Pier – 90001 Seawall Blvd

You may have heard about the famous Galveston pier for fishing. It’s important to note that Galveston has several piers.

Often, when people talk about fishing on the Galveston pier, they are talking about this one by the toll bridge.

It is open to the public so you don’t have to be a serious angler to come here.

Galveston 61st Street Pier

Another popular fishing spot where you can drop your bait and enjoy a great catch is the 61st Street Pier.

Anytime from March to December, you can enjoy great fishing any time of day or night. Expect to land anything from Redfish, Trout, Rays, Flounder, and Black Drum to 6′ Sharks.

At this spot, you can rent rods and get all the bait you’ll need. It’s a great spot to bring the family if they are new to fishing.

Keep in mind that this pier gets particularly busy on the weekends. If you want a good spot, come early.

Check out the pier’s website for updates about the catches of the day, current tides, and temperature. You can even view the pier cam to glimpse some live action.


Galveston has an extensive jetty system for the avid angler. Routine catches include perch, sand trout, croaker, gafftop, speckled trout, bull reds, and sheepshead.

Galveston Bay

Want a nice calm, serene fishing spot in Texas? Galveston Bay is your best bet.

You can fish from smaller boats out on the bay. The most common haul here is trough and redfish.

Seawolf Park

Seawolf Park is located on Pelican Island, just north of Galveston. The park is a memorial to USS Seawolf, a US Navy submarine accidentally sunk by the U.S. Navy during World War II.

The park offers a popular fishing pier, various picnic sites, a play area and the Galveston Naval Museum.

Here, you can get some of the best flounder fishing on the upper Texas coast!

You do have to pay for entrance to the park and to fish. It’s a great day-trip for the whole family to enjoy.

The Gulf of Mexico

Looking for adventurous angling? Well, there’s nothing quite like the Gulf of Mexico. Within 30 miles of the shore, there is an abundant array of snapper, shark, kingfish, and dorado.

Go out a bit more (especially around the oil rigs) and you will likely get a haul of tuna, amber jack, ling, sailfish, and grouper.

You can charter a boat for a ride 100 miles out to sea to try your hand at the most intense sport fishing to be found.

White and blue marlin weighing hundreds of pounds are in supply as well as large tuna, wahoo, and dorado.

What should you know About Fishing in Galveston

In Texas, fishing is regulated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. They define the number, size, when and where certain species can and can’t be fished

Be sure to understand what you can snag to avoid hefty fines when Texas fishing.

Also, be sure you have a fishing license. This is required for anyone over the age of 17. You can get a license at Walmart or Academy.

A temporary license is provided with entry into the Galveston Island State Park.

On the piers, there is a limit on the number of rods you can have with you.

The limit is two for the Seawall Blvd Pier and two on the 61st Street Pier. You can’t have a rod longer than 10 ft. Kids can only have one rod.

On the piers, you may not bring casting nets, gaffs, tents and sleeping bags or any glass products.

One final tip: when you fish at the piers, start by fishing near the pylons. Fish feed and seek shelter here. Then, as the day warms up, cast further out for a bigger catch.

Enjoy Texas Fishing

There you have it! Everything you need to know about Texas fishing near Galveston.

Are you ready to get started on your off-shore, jetty or deep-sea fishing adventure? Book your trip now and enjoy the best of Texas fishing.

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