December 22, 2022

Want to Keep That Prize Fish Forever? Then Consider Fish Taxidermy!

There are some fish that you catch that you simply never want to let go of!

If you catch a particularly beautiful fish and you want to show it off, you should consider fish taxidermy! Yes, you read that right—you can actually have a recreation of your stunning fish professionally constructed and mounted. This allows you to relive the memory of catching the magnificent fish, show it off to your friends and family, and remember the fun day you spent out on a charter boat catching fish with your friends and loved ones. 

While you may have heard of taxidermy before, you may not be sure what marine taxidermy is. Below is more information about marine (fish) taxidermy, the process, and how you can go about catching a fish worth mounting! 

What is Marine Taxidermy?

Marine taxidermy is a little different than other forms of taxidermy. Unlike other forms of taxidermy, your fish isn’t stuffed. Instead, a custom replica of the fish is made that is then painted. This allows you to enjoy a beautiful reproduction of that stunning fish, while also letting you take home the actual fish you caught! 

Once you catch your once-in-a-lifetime fish, we will take pictures of it for you and measure it. We’ll then send those measurements and photos to Gray Taxidermy. They are the best in the business at marine taxidermy and our customers love the results Gray provides. 

Once Gray Taxidermy gets the photos and measurements, they get to work on creating a stunning fiberglass replica. 

We highly recommend marine taxidermy for that fish you never want to forget!

Where and How Do I Catch a Fish Worth Mounting?

If you want to catch a beautiful fish worth mounting on the wall of your home or placing on a table as a beautiful centerpiece, you’ll need to know where to look and how to catch it. This can be particularly difficult if you aren’t an expert fisherman. 

If you are looking for an exciting fishing experience and don’t have your own boat or extensive knowledge of fishing, consider an all-inclusive fishing charter provided by Wave Dancer Charters. 

Our experienced team of fishermen know all of the best spots in Galveston Bay. We offer not only a boat for you to fish out of but an entire experience. We provide you with an expert captain, tackles, baits/lures, rods and reels, ice, and water for when you get thirsty. We even help to clean the beautiful fish you catch and prep them for your trip home. Let us know if there are any fish you want to mount, and we’ll take photos and measurements that we’ll then send to Gray Taxidermy. 

All you have to do is show up on time with your Texas Saltwater Fish License (day pass is okay), and all of your essentials for the day (sunscreen, food, camera, seasickness medication, etc.). If you would like a more extensive list of what you should bring, let us know. If you want to bring beer that’s fine. Just make sure it’s canned. 

We’re excited to take you out on the water where you can catch some amazing fish and create lasting memories!

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