Hitting the High Seas: The Top Tips for Choosing the Best Fishing Charter

What if the greatest moment of your life as a fisherman was totally ruined? Many people turn to fishing charters as a way to improve their techniques and catch more fish. However, getting a bad fishing charter can ruin your experience and maybe even make you worse at catching fish. So, how do you choose […]

Fishing Charter

A Complete Guide to Bass Fishing In Texas

If you love fishing, we’re sure you’ll enjoy a bass fishing trip. We believe you’ll find some of the best bass fishing in Texas. Before you plan your trip, make sure you’re prepared for the experience. Learning about the type of fish you want to catch can help you improve your fishing skills. Check out our […]


What to Bring On a Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Your first deep sea fishing trip is going to be an amazing adventure. That’s pretty much guaranteed. The big question remains: what do you need to bring with you? For the first time angler, deep sea fishing can be something of a mystery. Coming along with that mystery is what you need in your backpack. […]

Deep Sea Fishing

What to Expect For Your First Deep Sea Fishing Charter Experience

Some of the earliest deep sea fishing expeditions began 42,000 years ago. These ancient fishermen used fish hooks made of shell to target their prey: tuna. For centuries, fishing on the open water has helped people feed their families, and sparked the imagination of countless artists. Today, a deep sea fishing charter is a more common […]

Deep Sea Fishing